Benefits of Hiring Local Movers in Norfolk

Local MoversBenefits of Hiring Local Movers in Norfolk

Looking to hire movers in the Norfolk, VA area? Flowers and groceries aren’t the only thing you should be shopping for locally! There are many benefits to hiring local movers in the Norfolk area. Brooks Transfer & Storage has been serving this area for over 139 years! Can you imagine a better candidate for your next move?

Local = Trust

At Brooks Transfer & Storage, we are proud to say how much experience we have in the area. Norfolk residents have been trusting us with their belongings and safe keepings for over a century. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is an attribute that has kept us up and running from generation to generation. We are still a family owned and operated company and we always aim to treat your belongings as our own.

Everything You Need On Hand

Even if you only plan on making a local move down the street, Brooks Transfer & Storage has everything you need to make it as smooth as possible. Whether you just need us to physically move your belongings or you’d like us to pack everything away and transport, we’ve got you covered. We offer storage units, temporary storage, full service packing, and anything from a local to international move. We serve both residential and commercial properties and have the right equipment and options to make your move as easy as possible.

Local Movers = One Trip

If you’ve ever done a local move, chances are you’ll never do it again without the assistance of a local moving company. Why? It’s frustrating! Most commonly, residents will go back and forth between the old and new residences and waste half of their time just on traveling! Make your upcoming move more efficient and hire a local mover who will get everything you need done in one trip.

Want to learn more? If you are looking to hire a local mover in the Norfolk, VA area, contact Brooks Transfer & Storage today at 800-544-1264 or by email at and enjoy the friendly and reliable moving services that we always provide!

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